Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cruz is 2!

My BABY is 2! It doesn't seem possible. . .like just yesterday he was born!  Life and time can slow down at any moment now!  I swear I blink sometimes and they have grown an inch!
A few things about Cruz: He is still in a crib and will be for a while!  However, he can crawl out of it which has made it a little interesting putting him to bed some nights.  He sleeps all night which is huge as he was an awful sleeper up until about 18 months!  He is still in diapers although he can tell you if he is peeing or has to poop.  I'm not pushing this yet though!  He can put anywhere from 1-3 words together.  His vocabulary is improving daily!  We are working on 'using his words' because he often times likes to whine or cry in order to get something he wants.  He is pretty darn stubborn and and is not afraid to show how he feels through his emotions!  He's a pretty open book!  He adores his brothers. . . most of the time. . .and loves to play what they are playing.  His molars have been coming in for quite some time now and have been bothersome.  Lavender oils have been our best friend!  Cruz is a great eater and loves his SUGAR!  He is going through a Mommy's stage so I have gotten some extra cuddles and love the past few weeks! :)  So blessed to have this little peanut in our family!  God sure knew what he was doing when he gave us these 3 little miracles!

We celebrated Cruz's birthday this past weekend.  Since he is into tractors and likes to call most of them "Ali's" we decided to go with an ORANGE tractor theme of Allis Chalmers!  Grandpa Rick has an Allis Chalmers that Cruz gets rides on every so often and Grandpa Jim has a little peddle Allis Chalmers tractor Cruz plays with so we found this theme fitting!
We had a fun day! Cruz loved the frosting and opening his gifts! He is so animated so it was fun to see his reaction to everything!
Enjoy a few pictures!

Pre-Party cupcake!

Titus thought Trav was REALLY funny!!
How many Baughman boys does it take to get a trike put together?!?! 
Carson giving rides!
Cupcakes round 2? 
Addicted to SUGAR!!!! 
Sunny Familly Pic!

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